< Fine art Giclée prints for sale from original artwork by Bronwen Glazzard
Bronwen Glazzard Art
Bronwen Glazzard Art


Fine art Giclée prints for sale from original paintings, block prints and collages by artist Bronwen Glazzard.

Lino-cut printing tools and image by Bronwen Glazzard

Bronwen Glazzard's art studio

Giclée Printing

Giclée printing is a high-quality printing method used in the reproduction of fine art and other visual artworks.

Giclée printing involves the use of specialised printers that utilise a wide range of colours and high-resolution printing capabilities. These printers can produce detailed and vibrant prints with exceptional colour accuracy, making them popular among artists and photographers for creating high-quality reproductions of their original artwork.

The process involves using archival-grade pigment-based inks that are fade-resistant and can produce prints with a long-lasting colour vibrancy. The printing is done on fine art paper, which contributes to the overall archival quality of the Giclée prints.

Giclée prints are popular among collectors and art enthusiasts due to their close resemblance to the original artwork and their longevity compared to traditional printing methods.

Overall, Giclée printing has become a widely adopted method in the art and photography world for producing high-quality, museum-grade reproductions of visual artworks.